Risk Profile


Why assess our client's attitude to risk?

To select the most appropriate investment strategy for our clients, it is vital that we understand your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Your risk tolerance is a measure of both your emothial and rational repsonses to changes in the value of your investments, i.e., your ability to withstand losses. It is usually linked to your temperament, the time frame of the investments and your financial circumstances.


Why use a risk questionnaire?

Risk questionnaires are a recognised way of assessing risk tolerance.

To help us assess your tolerance of risk, we use a risk question developed by Oxford Risk Research and Analysis. They use a set of questions to assess someone's tolerance to risk.


Who are ORRA?

ORRA are an independent company, linked to the Unifversity of OXford. They are leading experts in the field of risk analysis, dedicated to the practical application of knowledge in risk and risk behaviour. They have vast experience of creating risk and decision-making solutions in a diverse range of commerical industries including insurance and the government.

ORRA have use the latest techniques from mathematical modelling and the expertise of world-class scientists to produce a robust, effective and unique risk questionnaire to help us understand our client's attitude to risk.