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Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness insurance pays a one off lump sum, if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness that is covered during the term of the policy.

The types and range of critical illnesses covered vary from company to company, so we recommend you read the insurance companies key facts document before you apply for your critical illness policy.

You can choose both the term of the policy and the level of cover, although some restrictions may apply.


It will be useful if you would like to protect yourself or your families financially if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

It is up to you how you spend the money.


Not all critical illnesses will be covered under the policy, so compare the key facts document of the critical illness providers before you buy.

You are sometimes not covered for pre existing conditions.

Critical illness policies can be expensive.

Critical illness protection pays a lump sum on initial diagnosis of a qualifying critical illness. You are permitted to keep the money even if you make a full recovery.

It can be built into another life insurance policy on a level term, decreasing term (mortgage life insurance) family income benefit ( pays a monthly amount), whole of life basis, or as a stand alone policy. Once you have made a critical illness claim it is normal that you policy will cease and other benefits will therefore cease.

Critical illness protection policies vary but nearly always include the following illnesses;

heart attack, cancer, a stroke, kidney failure, coronary bypass or transplant. For full details on the cover provided it is advisable to compare the Key Facts document for each quotation produced.

Our 'preferred list' of Critical Illness policies offer the most comprehensive Critical Illness cover conditions on the market.