Execution Only

If you are looking for an execution only service then here at Heritage Financial Services we have the perfect solution for you.

Discount or execution only broking is a simple dealing service. Heritage Financial Services will not offer any advice as to the suitability of your investment, we will simply act on your instructions.

Execution only dealing is the cheapest way in which to set up investments and pensions and to buy and sell the underlying funds, hence the use of the term discount broking.

The reason execution only services are cheaper is simple: they are cheaper to provide. The reason for this is that the time taken to process orders is little compared to the time required to assess a portfolio and a client's needs to provide advice. In addition, because Heritage Financial Services does not take any responsibility for the investment decisions there is no potential liability for bad decisions and far lower compliance costs.

Execution Only services are only suitable for investors who are suitably knowledgeable, can do their own fund research and understand the tax implications of their decisions. If you do not feel confident making your own investment decisions you should use our Advisory Services

We provide three ways in which you can access our execution only service and discounted investments through our website.

Self Select option

Self Select allows you to choose the funds you wish to invest in yourself from of over 2,000 collective investments. Off platform the choice is even greater with around 55,000 investment options to choose from. If that sounds a little too much choice, Heritage produce our Top100 funds every quarter.

Investment Portfolios

Heritage has developed three income producing portfolios and three index tracking portfolios as well as offering ten growth portfolios. We offer our execution only clients access to all of our portfolios which you may elect to manage yourself or for Heritage to manage for you.

Existing Investment Amendment

If you hold existing investments with Heritage and would like to amend them - perhaps topping up an existing plan, we are happy to provide this service on an execution only basis with a simple instruction from you which can be found on our website.


Our website and online portal has been developed to cover those looking for execution only services as well as meeting other financial needs. This service is ideal for those who simply would like to make changes to any existing investment that they may have or are capable and able to arrange their own financial investments. If you understand the different tax positions of individual investment products then this could be the perfect choice for you.

If you remain a little unsure as to whether a execution only service or a full advisory service is the best option for you, then please contact us today and a member of our team will be only too happy to assist you with your enquiry. We can be contacted by telephone and email or alternatively you may request a call back from our team via this website. We will always look after your interests and will do all we can in order to provide you with a fantastic service that will look after your investments whilst always catering for your needs. Our customer service is second to none and our team of skilled Financial Planners always provide a very high standard of customer care.