Heritage Wealth Management - FAQs

We get lots of questions from potential new clients about how Heritage Management works, why it is in their interest to join and what happens if things go wrong. We've detailed some of the most common questions and our answers below.

I've not heard of Heritage Wealth Management before - what is it and who administers it?

Heritage Wealth Management (HWM) is Heritage Financial Services' (HFS) Investment platform. Heritage Wealth Management allows HFS to provide consistent administration across all of our client's investment products. This includes being able to quickly and easily indentify client's portfolio risk profile and to make sure annual allowances are appropriately used. We can easily move monies for clients from one product to another without, in most instances, the need for additional application forms. Particularly useful in today's volatile markets is the access to cash facilities which can be used to shelter funds in difficult market conditions or to reduce the risk of the portfolio. More details of our Heritage Wealth Management service are available by clicking on this link.

Heritage Financial Services is a well known and respected Independent Financial Advisory firm, based on the Isle of Wight. We have a large client bank based predominantly on the Isle of Wight and the south of England. HFS has been operating since 1997.

I don't need an Indepent Financial Adviser

Many people feel confident looking after their own investments. Heritage Wealth Management offers experienced clients the option to make their own investment decisions. You get the benefit of our ongoing services at reduced charges.

Other client's don't want to make their own investment decisions, but neither do they want an adviser looking after their portfolio for them. For these clients we offer a range of externally managed funds and low cost Tracker funds. These funds are often substantially cheaper than our potential new client's existing arrangements.

I already have an Independent Financial Adviser

If you priority is ensuring your investments are well looked after, we believe that we offer a fantastic ongoing servicing promise. If your priority is ensuring you get the best value for money, our tracker portfolios offer incredible value for money. Why not compare our services and costs with what you get from your existing adviser?

I don't want to fill in loads of paperwork

One of the advantages of Heritage Wealth Management is that, once you are a client, there is very little paperwork to complete. The vast majority of applications and policy amendments can be done online.

There is also very little paperwork to complete to join HWM. We complete most of the applications on your behalf.

I've heard putting all your investments and pensions could be risky. What happens if Heritage Wealth Management goes into administration?

Heritage Wealth Management is powered by Standard Life who are one of the largest and most financially secure Life Offices in the UK. Your assets with them will be held in a nominee account so, In the highly unlikely event that they go into administration, your investments will be protected from the creditors.

I've had a bad experience with Standard Life before, why are you using them to power Heritage Wealth Management

We have researched all of the available investment platforms to find the most suitable for our clients. In doing so, we considered both our and our client's experiences of the prospective companies as well as the charges and functionality of the platform. We chose Standard Life because we felt they offered the most suitable proposition for our clients.

Whether you elect for Heritage to look after you investments, to look after yourself, to have your investments externally managed or placed in tracker funds, we will always be your point of contact and will liaise with the product and fund providers on your behalf.

What happens if Heritage Financial Services go under?

Your investments will not be affected if Heritage Financial Services fail. Your investments are held in a nominee account with Standard Life and will continue as per our last instructions. We will advise you that we can no longer act as your financial advisers and that you must seek an alternative adviser.

It all seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

We have worked really hard to ensure Heritage Wealth Management offers great ongoing servicing at really competitive costs. We receive ongoing servicing fees for looking after our clients and, the more clients we have, the more efficiently we can provide that service. We feel that both we and our clients win with Heritage Wealth Management.

I still don't understand and can't decide whether or not Heritage Wealth Management is right for me.

If you would like to talk to us about Heritage Wealth Management, complete our Call Back form and a member of our team will be happy to give you a ring and discuss any aspect you are unsure of. We also run seminars around the south coast where we demonstrate Heritage Wealth Management and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to attend one please complete the Call Back form including your post code.