Determining whether or not you need advice

If you are not sure whether you need advice when choosing appropriate investments, consider the two client profiles below.

Client A

Non Advisory Client
"I have arranged my own investments before and understand the tax implications of each. I am confident of researching a range of funds and selecting either one fund or more that will provide a level of risk that I am comfortable with. I understand that funds are influenced by inflation, interest rates and the economy and as a consequence, fluctuate in value; more so, the higher risk funds I hold. I intend to review my portfolio regularly by checking my investments online and will make switches where appropriate."

This client is best suited to our Non-Advisory services. Click on the link to see what benefits we offer for our Non-Advisory clients.

Client B

Advisory Clients
"In the past I have used a Financial Adviser to arrange my investments. I know that each of the different type of investment may affect my own tax position, but I am not sure exactly how. I do not feel confident picking my own funds. I would not be comfortable being left with the responsibility of ensuring my funds continue to perform as expected. I would feel happier receiving a helping hand and having someone explain things to me."

This client is best suited to our Advisory services. Click on the link to see what services we offer for our Advisory Clients.