Complete this form if you have money to invest and require an income, but are not sure which product or funds to choose. Once you have completed and sent this to us, it will enable our experienced advisers to determine to most appropriate investment route for you.

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Complete this form if you are planning to invest for capital growth, but are not sure which product or funds to choose. Once you have completed and returned the form by clicking on the Submit button, it will enable us to determine the most appropriate investment route for you.

Please read this statement:

This essentially is an emailed questionnaire from you to us, which helps us to put you on the right track to pick the investment that we believe to be the most appropriate for you.

We ask that you complete all of the data capture boxes that are relevant to you. If you do miss one or more of the data capture boxes, we will contact you so that you are able to provide this over the telephone, by post or email. This will effectively extend the application process.

Advisory process

Step 1 - Complete the Investment Questionnaire and submit to us

Step 2 - Once we receive the emailed Questionnaire, we will evaluate it and with any additional information we may ask of you, contact you via email what we believe is the best investment(s) for you.

Step 3 - You will need to confirm your acceptance or rejection. If you accept, we will ask you to complete the recommended investment application(s) on-line, by providing you with the appropriate web links. Once this has been received, we will register you onto the Heritage Wealth Management investment platform (administered by Standard Life).