Determining whether or not you need advice

If you are not sure whether you need advice when choosing the most appropriate protection product, consider the two client profiles below:-

Client A

Non Advisory Client
"I have arranged my own protection products before and I am aware that there are a number of different available products. I am confident of researching each of them myself to ensure that the product, the covering period, benefits and charges are right for me. I intend to review my protection needs regularly and make any ammendments myself."

This client is best suited to our Non-Advisory services. Click on the link to see what benefits we offer for our Non-Advisory clients.

Client B

Advisory Clients
"In the past I have used a Financial Adviser to advise and arrange my protection products. I am not experienced enough to know and understand the different protection products avaialble, especially the covering periods and level of cover. I would also not be confident of assessing the different benefits each product offers and whether I am paying a competititive premium. I would prefer it if an adviser was on hand to recommend the appropriate product and periodically review my protection needs."

This client is best suited to our Advisory services. Click on the link to see what services we offer for our Advisory Clients.