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Section 1 - Applicant

(for 3rd party payments, this is to be the name of the person who you are arranging the pension up for)



Section 2 - Address and Contact


Section 3 - Employment


Section 4 - When do you plan to retire?


Section 5a - Pension contributions


Regular contribution indexed each year? If Yes, by how much?

Regular contribution indexed each year If Yes, by how much?

3rd Party Payment

Require the regular contribution indexed each year If Yes, by how much?

Section 5b - Transferring your existing pensions




Section 6 - Fund Choice

If you would like to pick your own mix of funds then complete section 6a or if you prefer to pick a Managed Fund, then go to 6b

Section 6a - Self Select

Fund Choice and Performance

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Please ensure that the allocation adds up to 100%

Section 6b - Select a Managed Fund

Choose from the default Managed funds.

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Please read this statement:

This application essentially is an emailed instruction from you to us, which indicates your chosen investment, how much you wish to invest and the funds you would like the money invested.

Once we receive the instruction, we will start processing an application for you.

We ask that you complete all of the data capture boxes that are relevant to you. At this stage it is not mandatory to supply us with your bank details. We shall request this at the next stage.

If you do miss one or more of the data capture boxes, we will contact you so that you are able to provide this over the telephone, by post or email. This will effectively extend the application process.


If you would prefer to send your information to us via post, click here for a print friendly version of this form.

AEGON Stakeholder Pension Key Features Document

AEGON Scottish Equitable Fund Choice

AEGON Scottish Equitable 80/20 Defensive Managed Fund fact sheet (lowest risk)

AEGON Scottish Equitable 70/30 Defensive Managed Fund fact sheet (low risk)

AEGON Scottish Equitable 60/40 Cautious Managed Fund fact sheet (low to medium risk)

AEGON Scottish Equitable 50/50 Cautious Managed Fund fact sheet (medium risk)

AEGON Scottish Equitable Global Fund fact sheet (medium to high risk)

Application procedure

Step 1 - Complete the application form and submit to us

Step 2 - Once we receive the emailed instruction, we will complete the AEGON Stakeholder Pension application form on your behalf.

Step 3 - We will contact you regarding your application and request bank details that will be kept confidential at all times.

Step 4 - We will send you a comprehensively completed application form ready for you to check, sign and return.

Step 5 - Once received, we will process your application and forward it onto AEGON Scottish Equitable.