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AEGON Scottish Equitable Stakeholder Pension

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What Are Stakeholder Pensions?

The Stakeholder pension plan was designed to get more people making individual contributions to pension arrangements. Stakeholder plans offer a low cost route to save for your retirement by capping the maximum fee a plan can charge. In order to run the plan at a low cost, Stakeholder pensions have limited fund and plan options. However, in many cases, a Stakeholder plan provides all the flexibility pension savers need without the burden of additional charges.

What do Stakeholder Pensions do?

Although all pensions plans vary in terms of the exact options they allow, the table below reflects the most common plans available:

Accept Personal contributions
Accept employer contributions
Accept third party contributions
Penalty Free Transfers Out
Accept pension credits on divorce
Accept contributions by cheque
Accept contributions by Direct Debit
Accept contributions by Debit Card
Waiver of Premium benefit
Apply basic rate tax relief to personal contributions
Allow tax free cash to be taken at retirement
Accept Protect Rights
Accept Transfers In
Allow Transfers Out
Allow premiums to be increased reduced or stopped at any time
Allow investment into collective funds
Allow investment into stocks & shares
Allow investment into commercial property
Allow an income to be drawn directly from the fund (USP)


Why Should I Invest In a Pension?

State provision for retirement is inadequate for the vast majority of people and it is likely to get less as we all live longer without a proportional increase in the State retirement age. Making independent provision for your income in retirement is, therefore, now more important than ever.

How Do I Invest?

Step 1: Complete the appropriate Investment Questionnaire depending on whether or not you wish to receive an income from your investments.

Step 2: We will check through your questionnaire, assign you a client number and email you links to the appropriate product application form(s) and compliance documentation.

Step 3: Upon receipt of your completed documentation and funds, we will invest your monies into the recommended products as per your stated risk profile.

Step 4: Once the policy is set up, we will provide our excellent ongoing support package. For more details, click here.

For further details about pensions, to request a Pension Shortfall Analysis or to talk about which route for saving for your retirement is best for you, request a callback by clicking here.