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Whole of Life Assurance

Whole of Life Assurance cover is for the whole of your life. Unlike term assurance, which only pays out if you die during the policy term.

Whole of Life assurance always pays out, it is guaranteed that the policy will pay out upon your death as long as the premium continue to be paid and the policy is effectively 'in force'.

Whole of Life assurance always pays out in the end, so you'll always get some money.
It could be worth thinking about if you want to leave your family with a lump sum
You can combine it with term assurance if you want to cover any specific debts.
Whole of life assurance is more expensive than term assurance.

As the name suggests, 'Whole of Life assurance' provides life insurance cover for the whole of your life. The sum assured is paid to your dependents following your death.

Whole of Life assurance is more expensive because it is certain that the life company will eventually have to pay the sum insured, plus there may be underlying investment funds.

Two types of cover exist:

Maximum cover
Balanced cover